Our Story



Let us start off with a slight disclaimer: We are confidently NOT your regular brand! We are here to nature up your skin and hair for you to stay true to yourselves and master your goals in life.

Chozen Rootz was founded by Tasha-Gay Whyte and Felicia Sands for the inspirational and positive vibe of reassuring women/men to break down barriers and live in their authenticity. This story is of two sisters who found a passion to channel their life experiences and cultural background into helping women instill transformation, maintain, and feel confident about their selves by curating “All Natural” products with special ingredients from the Caribbean culture and traditions.

We started Chozen Rootz with the drive of providing women/men a path to explore new horizons and countless benefits of Jamaican black castor oil across the globe at a reasonable price and with the mission of being reachable worldwide while giving a way for us to let go of the hassle and take a holistic approach in selfcare through our skin, hair, and health while outwardly exhibiting their style with confidence.

Chozen Rootz is a natural wellness/beauty brand focusing on transformations that are easy and maintainable for our valued clients who lack direction in knowing where to start. Our products ensure that each person transforms into his/her greater self.

Our focus has always been to stay true to our culture and be a brand for good, inspiring women/men to express their best selves and reflect beliefs that are held near to their hearts as we truthfully believe that hair/skin flourish on personality; as we equip them an outlet to rejoice by being confident, exclusive, and true.

Over the years, our scope as a brand has progressed as we discover new possibilities. However, the vital idea will and has constantly remained- having every single one of YOU at the focus of all that we do.

Higher offering, Exceptional service, and High-quality make Chozen Rootz incomparable. So, welcome to Chozen Rootz. Not exclusively will you cherish the WOW experience but, also feel the love when you gaze in the mirror and be fully prepared to face the cosmos of adventures.

Your true confident life begins HERE!